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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's been a very long time! I'm living in my home town of State College, PA now. I have all but given up on finding a publisher. I have most of my books for sale on Amazon.com and have tweaked, refined all of them, but still no real increase in sales. I even changed the title of my favorite, A Knight In Glendalough to From Bullied to A Knight! No difference. The market is saturated and I have a full-time job so I have no time to work on my online presence, etc. It makes me feel so sad when I think about it. I thought A Knight In Glendalough, nay, From Bullied to A Knight! was so wonderful, one reader would tell another, and so on. Then, a publisher would read it and want to go straight to a book tour! I kind of thought the same thing about Houseboat Laney and Some Days are Diamonds, Some Are Murder! I don't recall my inspiration, my hero...Johnboy Walton having such issues. Well, maybe he did. Well, thanks to all of my readers and followers. I can always be contacted at den2read@yahoo.com if you need anything or read one of my books and have any comments.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day Off...with Music and Writing

Finally, a day off and nothing I HAVE to do. Okay, I have to clean the house and take my oldest to lunch and do school, but that’s it!!

I’ve been trying out a lot of new music, or at least music that is new to me. I thought I’d offer some suggestions of just my very favorites:

Downhere - I love Queen and Freddie Mercury’s voice, so when I found lead singer Marc Martel’s version of Somebody To Love, I was hooked. I then went on to listen to a lot of their music (they have 2 lead singers, so check them both out) and loooove Marc’s voice too! My favorites are Rest and My Last Amen and On The Altar Of Love. Yes, they are a Christian band.

Theory Of A Deadman - Love their songs All Or Nothing and Not Meant To Be.

Young The Giant - Wow, these guys are very unique. The lead singer’s voice is like honey, it lulls you. But the words to their songs make no sense, none! Yet it all works together in a surprising, addictive way. Try out Cough Syrup, I Got, My Body.

Lastly, Neon Trees - Animal. I am sure I will find more by them that I like and I know they are pretty famous already, but I’d not heard of them until now, so give them a shot!

As to writing, I joined an Amazon group that allows authors to offer their books (restrictions to how long, how many etc) for FREE and I found it quite interesting. I had A Knight In Glendalough for free for two or three days and gave away around 1600 books! I was floored!! I gave away three of my other books, at different times, and each of them never reached 200 free copies. Ultimately, I learned what readers seem to like. I had hoped for a few (awesome) reviews on my Amazon book pages, but got zero. Maybe in time that will change?? I think I am going to offer my cookbook for free this weekend, or my teen book The Will. So, look Sheri Gill up on Amazon.com or just search my most ‘unique’ title to spot my work easily... A Knight In Glendalough.

Off to clean!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What’s Been Happening

I feel like my life is always in flux lately! So many changes, all at the same time. I mean, I got my job almost 6 months ago but I feel like I’m still adjusting. My plan is to buy all new curriculum for the boys. The old stuff feels so old and boring. So we get through Christmas...do you find yourself saying that a lot? Get through Christmas? ;0) I do. Then all new curriculum for homeschool and a tight schedule for the boys. Until then, we continue to tread water!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day Of Writing

I am going to spend the day writing today! I’m working on “Whispers Of Angels 2: Afraid To Die” is the working title. I don’t love the title but want my readers to know it’s book two. Somehow, this title makes me think of Die Hard though. Too much Friends in my world!!

Well, I won’t lollygag (sp?) around here. I have a lot of things to flesh out in this storyline. The fact that I have four days off in the next seven is good because it will give me loads of time to write, but financially..ouch. OUCH ouch. I hope my hours don’t drop any more. I can’t even think about that right now!! :::shakes it off:::

Back to writing....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Woohoo! Almost done Christmas shopping!

Yep, it’s true! We did most of our shopping on Cyber Monday. After reading about all the drama on Black Friday, I’m going to stick to CM from now on.

As for writing, I have some ideas for Whispers Of Angels 2. With any luck my job will put me on am shifts a lot and I can write in the evenings/afternoons. Today I go in at 12 and just can’t write then stop...you know? I need an open-ended session where I can write for six to eight hours straight.

I sold almost 60 books this month! I’m pretty proud of my sales..when comparing them to my own sales history ;0) I do wish I could figure out why Houseboat Laney! isn’t selling. Is it the title?? Personally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tammy series (Tammy and The Bachelor etc) and wanted to write a book about a teen who causes her family so much stress, they send her to live with an aunt. The aunt has a houseboat on the Mississippi river. After Whispers and Glendalough, I think it’s my best work. SOOOOO as anyone would, I’m sure, I raised the price from .99 cents. Maybe if it’s my only book above a buck, folks will be interested in it! (I remember we wanted my yorkie to have a puppy and offered to stud him out. When asked about the price, we said FREE and folks were not interested at that point. Weird!!) Poor Chewy never did have a puppy :(

I’m wishing for Santa to bring me a hot tub and a masseuse but he’s pretty broke this year, so I’ll hope for shoes and pants for work. Isn’t growing up the best!!??!!! The stuff on my list is short..work clothing, money for school books, stainless measuring cups. haha! My set has been missing the 1/3 cup forever! I’m also hoping Santa gets my oldest son hired where I work. He really wants to save up for a car, plus he wants a new phone..and has no income right now. Plus, when I think of glancing around at work and seeing him there, it just sounds so great!! What a neat experience, working with my son!

Right now I’m reading two books. Pavorrati’s biography is so interesting. It makes me like him even more. He really wanted to get Opera to the masses, not just the very rich and ‘well bred’ folks. He was also very caring and kind of sensitive. He thanked God for the blessing of his voice and never took his life or singing for granted.

I’m also reading Tina Fey’s book. OHMYGOSH She is hysterical! I actually LOL when I’m reading, some of the things she says and comparisons she makes. Half the time I’m wondering if I didn’t KNOW HER in school. She is so like the kids back then and went through a lot of the things I went through. Just love her book. I’m not half-way yet, but so far I’d recommend it for certain!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ahh, those HUGE expenses that come right before the holidays.

At this very moment, my hubby’s car is being towed away. The key won’t turn in the ignition. We have spent the past weekend following everyone’s advice..rocking the car, turning the wheel, greasing the ignition, unplugging the battery...but the car refuses to give in. So, it’s $50 just to tow it up the road, then God knows how much to fix it. The receptionist at the dealership quoted $500 and the mechanic at the same place quoted about $300. The way things are going, I am concerned, to say the least.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Turkey Day, and I have no bird.

My life, I have decided, is weird. I went to Failmart (walmart) today and got everything we needed for Thanksgiving dinner. I spent 200 dollars!! $200!!! Hubby thought I was kidding when I told him! (Corn pudding, green bean casserole, desserts, stuffing, snacks for my pretty serving stands, dog food...) It all adds up. But, heh heh, I didn’t get the turkey! My employer is giving us turkeys, so I’m holding out hope it’s big enough for hubby’s amazing dressing.

Also, my book sales have dropped 50%. Is it me? Do I smell funny? Because I don’t FEEL like I smell funny. ::sniffs self:: I was at a whopping two book sales a day, and I’m down to just over one a day. Huh.

Well, my BFF is in Jordan, God bless her. I pray her family stays safe. Also, I’m half way through my Pavoratti book and I’m depressed. I want it to last longer, but I can’t stop reading it. I’ve decided to only read it at work, on breaks. There! That should make it last. Now what shall I read on my Ipad?? Any suggestions??