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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a good month.

Sales-wise I have almost reached 80 books sold for the month. For me, that is a record. I'd loOOoOOoove to break 100 for May but overall I'd be happy if I could just pull down 80 next month!

I am working on my book Cat Caponi, which is about a mob boss' daughter wanting to get into the family business. It's not all about crime or glorifying it, it's about her misadventures and the stumbling blocks put up by others, from her 'customers' to her own family!

I'm also working on a book (working title) The Things My Mother Never Taught Me. My own mom not only chose to skip teaching me a lot of the basic things, but also purposely taught me things incorrectly. Let's just say, she loved to use the 'scare tactic' when parenting hurdles came up. The book is kind of a list: from bullies at school or work, to dating, contraception, marriage, friendships, dreams, etc etc.

Lastly, I have a book in my mind I can't decide which way to go with. I have any idealic place (either a small town or a cabin at the lake kind of place) and I have the idea of those places rolling around in my head. I'm just not sure what kind of book I want to write. Perhaps about a person with inner demons, wanting to get them out, over and done with. Maybe a town setting with a small group of best friends who start leaving one friend out. Why? Yes, I really like both of these ideas.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of my books or ideas, please write and tell me! sherigill@rocketmail.com OR find me on facebook!

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