A Knight In Glendalough

A Knight In Glendalough
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Eight of my books on Amazon.com and .99 cents each!

I finally have all eight of my books for sale on Amazon.com and each are just .99 cents. For some reason this site won't let me post an active link! If you go to Amazon.com and look up Sheri Gill it will take you to my books. Or enter the title A Knight In Glendalough and then click on my name at the top

I'm working on several books as well, one is a romance that takes place in Colonial Williamsburg :) and the other is a novel called (working title) Canning Tomatoes. It is a novel about friends, life, changes and of course, canning! I'm also working on a chick lit book that takes place in the south, for my Southun readers!

My oldest son edits each of my books.

What I really need is a cabin somewhere, a good laptop or my Ipad/keyboard and a stock of Bogle wine. I could write for weeks.

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