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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sick and tired! Oh, and missing PA

Well, I caught my son's cold. Funny how I'm sicker, longer, but better me than him. When I cough, it feels like my lungs are going to be torn out and come firing through my ears, which I take for a sign of healing? Got to be.

I've been missing Pennsylvania, State College actually. I don't miss the weather and wouldn't want my kids to deal with those driving issues, but I miss the people. I miss living somewhere I could WALK to anything I wanted to do. I lived a block from a grocery store and a pizza parlor growing up. That was great. A longer walk and I was 'in town' and could hang out, go to the arcade (dating myself here) a movie or ohmygosh, get a Penn State Diner sticky! I miss those a lot, too.

I especially miss our cabin. My grandparents had a cabin in Huntingdon and I can't seem to get it out of my mind lately. Thanks to really slacker parents, even as a pre-teen I could climb into our row boat and be gone all day. I'd fish, explore or swim, it was great. It was a like a storybook childhood, at least when we were there. I so dream of being able to offer that to my kids, but my oldest is 14 and I only ever get one number right on lottery tickets, so unless God intervenes, it's all just a dream.

I watched quite a bit of Netflix this weekend while I coughed and whined on the recliner. I think my favorite was watching A River Runs Through It with my oldest. I guess it's probably due to the cabin dreams, but we really enjoyed it. I think it made him long for that kind of nature and freedom as well. I so wish I could give that kind of life to my kids.

I also watched a few documentaries, my favorite this weekend was I hope the link works! It was All In This Tea. I love tea, so this made me think I'm getting ripped off even with the Republic Of Tea and Stash Tea I drink!!

Welp, off to look up Silk Road teas. Have a lovely.

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