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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day Off...with Music and Writing

Finally, a day off and nothing I HAVE to do. Okay, I have to clean the house and take my oldest to lunch and do school, but that’s it!!

I’ve been trying out a lot of new music, or at least music that is new to me. I thought I’d offer some suggestions of just my very favorites:

Downhere - I love Queen and Freddie Mercury’s voice, so when I found lead singer Marc Martel’s version of Somebody To Love, I was hooked. I then went on to listen to a lot of their music (they have 2 lead singers, so check them both out) and loooove Marc’s voice too! My favorites are Rest and My Last Amen and On The Altar Of Love. Yes, they are a Christian band.

Theory Of A Deadman - Love their songs All Or Nothing and Not Meant To Be.

Young The Giant - Wow, these guys are very unique. The lead singer’s voice is like honey, it lulls you. But the words to their songs make no sense, none! Yet it all works together in a surprising, addictive way. Try out Cough Syrup, I Got, My Body.

Lastly, Neon Trees - Animal. I am sure I will find more by them that I like and I know they are pretty famous already, but I’d not heard of them until now, so give them a shot!

As to writing, I joined an Amazon group that allows authors to offer their books (restrictions to how long, how many etc) for FREE and I found it quite interesting. I had A Knight In Glendalough for free for two or three days and gave away around 1600 books! I was floored!! I gave away three of my other books, at different times, and each of them never reached 200 free copies. Ultimately, I learned what readers seem to like. I had hoped for a few (awesome) reviews on my Amazon book pages, but got zero. Maybe in time that will change?? I think I am going to offer my cookbook for free this weekend, or my teen book The Will. So, look Sheri Gill up on Amazon.com or just search my most ‘unique’ title to spot my work easily... A Knight In Glendalough.

Off to clean!