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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've given up on Random House calling me late one afternoon.

I've always wanted to be published and I think my stories are good, important in many ways. But that's me saying so! Yet, I really wanted to get a call from Random House or another big name publisher, telling me they love my stories and a check is in the mail.

Then I started going to a (wonderful!) writers' group in my area. Well, it brought me down a lot because these folks have wanted to be writers far longer than I have, and they are still feeling the same things I am at 42.

Of course, I have to share my silly story here. In my book A Knight In Glendalough, which I wrote years ago, I have young boys as Knights in a community where everyone comes from an abusive home or tough background. Well, the main character suffers from a very low self esteem (I come from an abusive background, so that led to writing this book, in parta anyhow) and he's asked to become a KNIGHT! Part of this adventure requires him to go into dangerous territory and fight off these evil little creatures...who hide very powerful berries...that the people of Glendalough need for medicines. Back then I did a lot of research, looking for some cool-named berry that no one had heard of, something mystical sounding but REAL. Well, I found...get ready for this...goji berries.

So years pass and I'm still waiting for that Random Call as it's come to be known. I think maybe God is trying to tell me getting published won't happen. Then what? My aunt in Bellefonte, Pa calls to share her latest weight loss newbie thing on the market..using Goji Berries!! Then what? OHMYGOSH there is Goji berry juice in WALMART!!! Wow!! I can't help but think this is (hoping) a sign, keep going. Keep going.

So even if you don't buy my book, think of me when you see Goji Berry juice and yogurt and dried fruit snacks hahahaha!

I went with publishing on Amazon.com I priced my books at only $2.99 (now two of them are down to .99 cents each, hoping to generate some business) You can read them on your laptop, personal desktop computer, any and all brands of eReaders. If you find a typo here and there, I hope you will let me know!


Kindle has an app to easily make any computer and eReader :)

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